I wear the mask, it does not wear me

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Carole Landis, 1940’s

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Esp. someone with the url paulbettany like, how can you make that blog with thaturl and then not use it for four years….

I KNOW! It looks like the person who made it was going to use it as a spam account too. They only post is about finding the best dentists in Phoenix?? What the actual fuck. Tumblr really pisses me off sometimes. I wish I knew someone who worked at Tumblr and was a friend. I feel like I could use that to my advantage lol

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Right? They should at least do something like after ‘x’ amount of time, the url is freed up and the original holding account gets either a url change or a termination. Their servers are getting clogged with so many users too, it’s ridiculous.

EXACTLY! It would be beneficial to Tumblr to do that as well! I honestly think if you haven’t used the url in over 2 years it should be opened back up. There are so many blogs out there that would love to have these urls and it’s literally the stupidest thing in the universe that after 4 YEARS you still can’t get the url you want. ugh i’m just so mad about this 

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Tumblr really needs to release inactive urls this hasn’t been used in 4 YEARS and I want it soooo bad

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I’m considering making some Old Hollywood icons, would you guys be interested in that?

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